A jewel in the Mediterranean and your perfect holiday destination

Malta and it’s Islands are like nowhere else in the Mediterranean sea. You will find here amazing landscapes, breath taking cliff sceneries, thrilling dive opportunities, stunning water caves to swim in, crystal clear lagoons, fantastic sandy and rocky beaches in all variations, hidden coves, flavourful Mediterranean cuisine mixed with the Arabic influence, warm and welcoming people, the southern Mediterranean flair, a bustling nightlife,  a young party scene with exclusive clubs, a history which reaches back more than 6000 years what is unique in Europe. Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, all kind of buildings from different centuries and cultures what makes a history of remarkable intensity. All this on 316 square kilometres with a coastline over 252 kilometres and an average of 300 sunny days per year. There is nothing more to say except, the perfect destination in Europe for your holidays.

General facts

  • Population: 450,000
  • Area: 120 square miles (316km q.)
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 98%
  • Language: Maltese & English
  • Government Type: Republic, EU State
  • Capital City: Valletta
  • Highest Point: Dingli Cliffs (253meters)
  • Driving: on the left of the road
  • Minimum Age for drivers: 18 years
  • Seat belts: required for drivers and front seats passengers
  • Helmets for Motorcyclist: required
  • Time: winter 1 hour ahead of GMT
  • Summer: 2 hours ahead of GMT
  • Electricity: 220 / 240 volts
  • The Climate in Malta: is warm and healthy. There are no biting winds, fog for only short periods, averaging about 578mm (20 inches) in a whole year. The temperature averages 14.1ºc in winter and 32ºc in summer with the sun shining for an average of 6.46 hrs and 10.11 hrs respectively.
  • Best Beaches: Mellieha Bay, Gnejna, Armier, Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha, Ramla Bay (Gozo) Blue lagoon (Comino).

Interesting Facts

  • Local pastizzi (pea, anchovy or cheese) found in the many bakery shops scattered across the islands
  • Kinnie a local bitter orange soft drink
  • Cisk the local lager, goes down very well nicely chilled in the bitter late afternoon sun
  • Twistees (cheese, bacon, peanut) a local packet snack made from puffed rice
  • Gozo cheese, bigilla, salted tomatoes, pickled onions making up the famous hobz bi-zejt, a typical local snack with fresh bread, tomato paste & several dried and pickled local specialities. These can normally be bought separately as well
  • Typical Maltese food including Rabbit, Lampuki (fish), Qarnita (octopus), Bragjoli (rolled beef), Mqarrun il-forn (baked pasta), Majjal (pig roast) & Soppa ta’ L-Armla (widow soup).


The national currency is the Euro since 1st January 2008.
Major credit cards are widely accepted in Malta, except for petrol stations where cash is preferred. Most banks offer cash advance facilities for Mastercard, Eurocard and Visa during normal banking hours. Outside banking hours this service is available at foreign exchange bureaux.
Many major banks have money-changing facilities in the afternoon, and there are a lot of cash withdrawal machines in the tourist centres. You’ll need some form of identification to change money. Kindly note that, at banks & foreign exchange bureaus, you get better currency exchange rates than at most hotels.


The local language is Maltese which is a mix between Semitic, Latin, English, French, Spanish & Italian. However all local people speak very good English. A high percentage speak Italian as well.


Malta and Gozo are always one hour ahead of the time in the UK. The time zone is GMT +1 hour.

Business hours

Most shops open at 9am and close at 1pm for a siesta, before opening again from 4pm until 7pm Monday to Saturday. In the resorts, many shops remain open all day as well as on Sundays.
Banking hours are generally from 8.30am until 12.45 or 1pm Monday to Friday and until noon on Saturdays.
Standard post office opening times are 7.45am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday and from 9am until noon on Saturdays.


The electrical supply is 220/240 volts. The 13-amp, three-pronged plugs and sockets are used, so you will not need an adaptor if coming from the UK. Otherwise most hotels provide adapters for two-pin plugs.

In an emergency

Your representative will normally be able to help if you need assistance but in an emergency you may find the following numbers useful.
Police 191
Emergency 112
Fire service 199

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