Hindu wedding ceremonies encompass a rich tapestry of customs and rituals that vary across different regions and communities in India. Each tradition adds unique flavour and meaning to the wedding celebration.

Baraat: The baraat is a lively procession that accompanies the groom’s arrival at the wedding venue. This typically involves the groom riding a horse or arriving in a decorated vehicle, surrounded by family and friends dancing and celebrating. The baraat is especially popular among Punjabi weddings.

Tying of the Mangalsutra: During the wedding ceremony, the groom ties a sacred necklace, called the mangalsutra, around the bride’s neck. This necklace symbolizes the unity and marital bond between the couple.

Kanyadaan: Kanyadaan is a significant ritual in Hindu weddings where the bride’s parents ceremoniously give away their daughter to the groom. It is a heartfelt moment that symbolizes the parents’ blessing and acceptance of the groom into their family.

Saptapadi: Saptapadi, also known as the Seven Steps, is a crucial ritual where the couple takes seven steps together around the sacred fire. With each step, they make promises and vow to support each other in their journey of married life.

Mehndi and Haldi: The mehndi and haldi ceremonies are important pre-wedding traditions. Mehndi involves the bride and other women applying intricate henna designs on their hands and feet, symbolizing joy and beauty. The haldi ceremony involves applying a turmeric paste to the bride and groom’s body to purify and illuminate their skin before the wedding.

Vidaai: Vidaai marks the departure of the bride from her parent’s home to start a new life with her husband. It is an emotional moment filled with blessings, tears, and good wishes from the bride’s family. It signifies the Bride’s farewell to her maternal home.

These are just a few examples of the diverse Hindu wedding traditions that are cherished and celebrated across India. Each tradition carries deep cultural significance and provides a beautiful framework for couples to start their married life together. Hindu weddings are a colorful and joyous occasion, where families come together to celebrate love and the union of two souls.