It sounds very exciting to plan your own wedding day without a wedding planner. Finding the right venue and suppliers, design and style your venue is all a dream. On the other hand on the day it is a MUST to enjoy every single moment.

We do not suggest to rely on yourself, your bridesmaids, your family or friends to run your dream day. While it may be a great honour for whoever you choose to take on this role, it will also be a huge burden to them depriving them of enjoying this day with you. It will stop them from having fun and relaxing at your wedding as they will have their eyes on what is going on and how everything is being done and delivered at the time. This will mean that they will not feel at ease with letting go and having fun with you on your special day.

That’s where a wedding coordinator comes into the plan, he/she will be the one who is there on your wedding day to ensure that everything runs smoothly and as planned.

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your lifetime. From the very beginning, the planning and organization are of course the key to success. The final delivery is the most important aspect of it all, investing in a wedding coordinator that you trust and feel confident with to take charge of your day is really safeguarding all your hard work in the first place.

Whatever the event is, let us help you choose and create an unforgettable moments. Our team will ensure that your event will be planned carefully and with dedication.