Steven and Lisa Review

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Lisa and I met 4 years ago when I was asked if I could coach Lisa on her golf swing. Although Lisa was married at the time I still found her intoxicating and I helped her over the next 12 months with her golf being very aware that she was married and our relationship was based on friendship.

Back in August 96 I got a phone call from Lisa asking if I would fix her husband’s car while they were on holiday which I said I would be glad to. When she came to give me the keys she told me that they had decided to divorce but were going away anyway because it was all booked. I told her how sad I was for them both as they had been married 10 years.

While Lisa was away I got a few texts from her saying that for a while she had feelings for me, bombshell wow. When she got back from her holiday we met up and told each other how we felt, and that was the start of a relationship which I will treasure for the rest of my days.

We moved in together in February 2007 and moved very quickly to Wolverhampton so Lisa’s daughter could be closer to school. We decided to have a holiday in August 2008 in Malta so we could see my Nan who had lived there for 20 years. Sadly when we got to Malta, my Nan was in hospital due to a fall and a broken hip, all said and done. The look on my Nan’s face when we walked into her hospital room was priceless we had some photos taken and went to see her several times.

Then it was time to go home again, sadly she passed away 2 months later but Lisa and I where so glad to have been able to see her beforehand, god bless Nan. Not long after the funeral I proposed to Lisa. Lisa accepted with one condition she wanted to put her bridal posy on my Nan’s grave, I don’t mind admitting I wept.

Not knowing how you go around getting things done in Malta. I contacted the registrar’s office in Malta and they were fantastic; they had told me the best way to do everything with a wedding planner, so I sent off several requests via email, which they had recommended.

Unfortunately at that time I had just lost my job so it was a little tight on money. I received an email from Rosemarie, Sundreams Travel wedding planner, that rather than going for a registry office wedding they offered us a terrace wedding at the Radisson in St. Julian’s at the right price. I jumped at the chance because this was exactly what Lisa wanted for a dream wedding.

I’ve got to say Rosemarie was fantastic, she organized everything to perfection, and we had the ceremony in a room full of art, overlooking the pool and the sea. I was a bag of nerves; Lisa was stunning and made me very proud, the venue was mega perfect. If one had to imagine the perfect moment this was it.

The meal after the ceremony was mega perfect, the whole day was perfect. We cannot thank Rosemarie enough for everything she did for us and it will never be forgotten. As for recommending Rosemarie as your Malta wedding planner you will never make a better choice, thank you again Steve and Lisa.

A few days later we went to my Nan’s grave and we put Lisa’s bridal posy on her grave as promised. We will always cherish our wedding in Malta and plan to go back many times in the future.