Wedding Vows

My Love

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My Love

You are my true love and the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. Today, it is my honour to become your husband. I promise to continue building our family together, celebrating our joy, comforting one another in hard times and strengthening our family’s future. I vow to love and cherish you for all the days of my life.


My Angel

For you my sweet angel I would die, I’d pick all the stars from the sky and give them all just for you…

To let you know how much I love you

My angel, I’ll love you thru all eternity, I would do anything for you, sweetie, I wrote this poem from my heart…

To let you know you’re my sweetheart

Please stay with me forever, take my hand and let’s be together… let’s fly up to the heavens above and show everyone we are in love

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